Customer Relationship Management

Customers are your most important business asset, but...

  • Do you know who your key customers are?
  • Do you understand what share of your revenue is generated by your top customers?
  • Do you offer existing customers a better deal than prospective customers?
  • Do you understand why your best customers are your best customers?
  • Do you have a customer communication process in place?
  • Can you identify customers who are likely to defect to your competitors?
  • Is your marketing spend based on a "blunderbuss" rather than a "rifle" basis?

These are just some of the questions every business needs to ask.

A tailored CRM solution may be highly beneficial to your business.

Our experience includes:

  • Direct design, implementation and management of retail loyalty schemes (both single retailer and multi-retailer);
  • Participated in International Share Groups where retailers operating large and small scale loyalty schemes share experiences and initiatives;
  • Presented by invitation at seminars throughout Europe, North and South America and Japan;
  • Advised and assisted in loyalty scheme developments in Europe, North and South America;
  • We helped design many of the key measurement reports which are now accepted as minimum standards by loyalty schemes internationally