Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Good corporate governance dictates that your company should have a solid business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Indeed, there maybe a legal, bank convenant or insurance requirements also.

Every business has one or more weak points.

At some time or other your business will be tested by events that could close the entire enterprise and your survival will depend on having a proper, well thought-out and tested plan in place.

Examples of just a few of the topics to be considered include:

  • Over-reliance on a small number of key customers or suppliers
  • Single supply chain system
  • IT systems (software and hardware), communication, firewalls
  • Key man insurance
  • Communication during and after event
  • Internal and external threats or carelessness
  • Safety of personnel
  • Denial of access (may come in many forms)
  • Insurance (what it can and can't do)

Research shows that the vast majority of businesses that suffer a fire in their headquarters did not survive due to a lack of advance business continuity planning.

Let us help build your business continuity plan.

One company we worked with suffered 3 major fires in 13 months and thrived afterwards!