Business Management

 Management Information Systems: What gets measured gets managed!

 To properly run your business you, your management team and your employees need regular, relevant, accurate and actionable information.

 Focus on what drives your business.

 This need not be a complex process. Often the information is there but just needs to be presented in a manner that highlights what is important.

    1.   Build dashboards that Inform, Persuade and Engage

    2.   Performance against targets using a traffic light style presentation

    3.   Use of excellent presentation apps

    4.   Interface to existing systems for automatic updates

    5.   Focus on the key performance indicators for your business

 Business Planning: What do you want to achieve and by when?

 Solid business plans are essential.

    1.   Conduct a thorough review of the existing business units and processes

    2.   Plan should be realistic yet stretching

    3.   Consider all stakeholders – shareholders, management, employees, suppliers and particularly customers

    4.   Have employee buy-in rather than be imposed for optimum results

    5.   Provide for proper resourcing (capital, training, expertise, management, etc.)

    6.   Break it down to individual measurable goals and objectives

    7.   Feed business opportunities rather than problems

Implementation and Measurement